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    Learn and use a new
    language - today

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    You, a Real Tutor & Uthini Bot
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How It Works

You message people every day. Now learn a language the same way.

1. Schedule

You can schedule lessons whenever it suits you, wherever you are

2. Match

We connect you to a human tutor and a digital chatbot assistant

3. Bite-sized lessons

From just 15 minutes a day. Curriculum through conversation - voice notes, images, videos & text

4. Interact

Chat to a real human tutor and get real-time feedback on your voice note and text responses

What makes us unique


Our tutors are ordinary mother tongue speakers

Human and bot in tandem

Chatbot assistant provides content, structure & quality control - humans do the rest

Media-rich interaction

Voice notes, videos, images, texts & GIFs - we use them all

Learn a language on your phone :)

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